Welcome to this SleepVent survey

The questionnaire consists of six parts that will be used to recruit subjects for sleep project.
It would take about 10 minutes to fill the questionnaire.
Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.


This questionnaire seeks to identify potential volunteers for a comprehensive study called SleepVent, related to the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in their sleeping environments and their sleep quality. The study is carried out by researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The questionnaire collects information on age, absence of any medically diagnosed sleep disorder, type of residential dwelling (detached/semi-detached house, apartment, dormitory etc.), type of ventilation system, neighborhood characteristics (such as proximity to busy roads, commercial zones, airports, etc.), subjectively measured sleep quality, and sleeping habits (about sleeping time, duration of sleep, operation of natural/mechanical ventilation system and heating/cooling system in bedrooms). You can choose not to answer some questions in the questionnaire if you prefer not to.

The information collected through the questionnaire will be used in selecting volunteers who will be asked to participate in a study during which two-week measurements of their bedroom IEQ and sleep quality will be performed. For this study, an additional approval will be sought upon recruitment of volunteers.

The information collected through the questionnaire will additionally be used for analysis to investigate how bedroom IEQ affects sleep quality in the general population. For those respondents that will not be recruited for the follow-up study, the information in the questionnaire will be COMPLETELY anonymized, and we will save no information that can lead to the identification of a specific person.

In order to proceed with the questionnaire, we need your consent to collect and save the information included in it. By giving your consent, you agree to the following:

I hereby give my consent to DTU to collect and save the information I give in the questionnaire.
I hereby declare that I am fully aware of my rights and that I, at any time, can withdraw my consent by contacting the following e-mail address: sleepvent@byg.dtu.dk
Thank you for participating in the survey
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